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Tommy's Preemie Web

The original preemie site, featuring the story of Thomas King, born 15 weeks premature in 1994 weighing 1 pound 10 ounces, now a college student, marching band enthusiast, gaming enthusiast, and Eagle Scout.

Past and present parents of preemies may find our 1994 preemie story and pictures very familiar still today — while taking comfort in seeing what became of our former micro-preemie.

His Preemie Story

His story was originally written in 10 installments, mostly in 1995—with an "Epilogue" in 1997—and a bonus post in 2000 when he started kindergarten—for a total of 12.  This story was additionally featured in the book "Living Miracles: Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies."

Picture Gallery

When Thomas was in the NICU, his parents took note of the many "Thank You" pictures the NICU staff had posted in the hallway—some of the first evidence to us as parents that our tiny little micro-preemie could potentially have a bright future.  Those pictures were the inspiration for this site.


This site first appeared on the web as "Tommy's CyberNursery" back in 1995, less than a year after he was born.  It was one of the first preemie sites to gain some notoriety at that time.  See this commentary and timeline for an overview of our history.


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